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22% more shoppers visited retailers via Google in January 2016 than October 2015. For certain categories, like Furniture or Home & Garden, January visits increased up to 39% over their October levels.  In addition, Electronics, Home & Garden, Furniture, Health & Beauty and Vehicles and Parts have also seen significant increases in higher traffic.

This data is telling us one thing: Mobile is making it easier for us to shop, and in knowing this, we need to stay ahead of the game.

Here are 5 ways how to maximize your PPC campaigns:

1. Use click share to drive more engagement.  Products in top positions may see better engagement from shoppers, especially on mobile. The following benchmarks highlight the mobile click share by category you’ll need to be competitive in reaching the top positions. To grow your click share, start by increasing your bids and ad relevance for your priority products.

2. Create a strategic seasonal campaign.  Separate out products or items that are on sale in a separate campaign.  The same with higher margin or lower margin products.  Separating the campaiugns gives you more flexibility to manage bids and budgets without affecting the rest of your campaigns.

3. Use custom labels to create seasonal product groups.  Labels can greatly help you keep track of high-value products in any given category.  Use custom labels to create a segmented group in your campaign.  This way, you can bid accordingly on those products.

4. Use Remarketing to serve your ads to previous shoppers.  By keeping your products and brand top of mind of users who have already been to your site, the chances are good that they will return; especially if they are still searching for the best deal.  So create a remarketing list of those visitors who may have abandoned their carts at checkout.

Lastly, don’t forget these best practices to give your Mobile campaign more real estate on the page:

  1. Include Sitelink extensions so people have the option of landing on a specific page on your site.
  2. Add Call extensions, so you can accept mobile click-to-calls and manually dialed calls that can be tracked back to your campaign.
  3. And, Location extensions, so people can easily find you.

The moral of the story is that if shoppers were still eager to shop in January of last year – with mobile devices becoming the go-to device for shopping more and more – they definitely will be this year.  So gear up, optimize up and get ready to sell, sell, sell!  (And don’t forget Bing/Yahoo – you can import your AdWords Shopping Campaign there too.)

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