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Customer Match on Google AdWords is a way of connecting with your “Super Shoppers” by dusting off that email subscriber list you’ve been adding to for the past months or years and getting in front of them with a well planned, customized ad just for them.  Forget email marketing – that’s hit or miss and too easy to delete – instead, serve ads while they’re shopping – for what you offer!

Customer Match delivers results

Brands large and small are using Customer Match.  Here are a few examples brought to you by Google’s blog on the same subject:
  • TurboTax created customized ads and landing pages to ease returning customers into the tax-filing process, decreasing its cost per conversion by 31% in the process.
  • Guitar Center made product-specific customer lists and increased CTR by 60%.
  • The Children’s Place re-engaged back-to-school shoppers with customized ads, increasing its return on investment (ROI) by 287%.
  • One Click Ventures cross-sold eyewear across multiple websites and saw a 412% increase in conversion rate.
  • Wine Enthusiast Companies combined Customer Match and RLSA to sell wine merchandise to its customer base, delivering a 3x higher ROI.

So let’s say that you’ve been collecting emails from your newsletter subscriber list (and you have at least 2,000 subscribers) and are looking for a way to target them with a unique message just for them.  What better way to reach them than to serve an ad to them when they’re searching for your product or service? (Just make sure that you exclude the addresses of anyone who has opted out.)

Here are some other ways to put your email database to good use:

Notify your current customers about new offers – So maybe they missed the Black Friday sale, but they haven’t missed the Big Tuesday sale!  Let them know that they can still get a great deal if they act now.

Convert more leads – Serve ads that help to convince researchers to pull the trigger.  Sweeten the deal, offer an additional discount or something free if they make a purchase or sign up for a service.

Convince customers to take the next step – On some products and services, especially higher cost ones, it can take a while for people to make a decision and convert.  Serve them an ad that tells them exactly why they should convert with you!  Offer them a unique selling proposition, a discount, an additional offer, whatever it takes!

Getting customers to return – So maybe they’ve already bought a custom sofa from you – but they need the matching recliner and toss pillows as well!  Get your current customers to return by reminding them you’re there and ready to serve their needs with your awesome prices and excellent customer service.  Remind them why they bought from you before and encourage them to return.

Offer similar products – Show them what else you have to offer.  Perhaps they bought a bottle of perfume from you – but do they know that you also have the soap, body lotion, bubble bath, and body wash and complete gift basket of their new favorite scent?

Promote a loyalty program – They’re already your customers, or at the very least have subscribed because they potentially could be – offer them something special via a loyalty program for returning.

Sound intriguing?  We hope so!  Contact iDigital Marketing today and get started with your Customer Match AdWords campaign.  The sales are waiting!

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