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Starting a new PPC campaign can be a confusing and stressful time for advertisers.  A million questions go through your mind: Will it work?  Am I wasting money?  Will it really increase sales?  Will I have a positive ROI?  Do these people really know what they’re doing? We want to make the process as easy as possible for our clients, so here is a run-down of what to expect when you start a new PPC campaign (or restructure and old one).

What to Expect When Your New Campaign Goes Live

Once your campaign has been created and/or restructured, there will be a ramp-up period within the Google platform while it calculates your relevancy and quality scores and gathers history and data by which your positioning and costs per clicks are determined. This is a normal part of the process and will take a shorter length of time if your budget is larger, and a longer length of time if your daily budget is smaller.

During this time the PPC Manager monitors your campaign and makes sure that all your conversion tracking is working as it should, as well as making any small adjustments that are deemed necessary and that they feel will encourage your campaign to perform better.

After the ramp-up period, your campaign, ads, ad groups, keywords, extensions etc. will continue to be monitored very closely and adjustments will be made on a weekly and as needed basis, based on the benchmarks that were set up in order to constantly improve it’s performance with the goal being a positive ROI.  We will also be cross-referencing data that is accumulated via your Google Analytics account and, if you’re tracking calls, also your call tracking account and making further performance adjustments based on that data as well.

Ad A/B Testing

We set up your campaign was set up with ad A/B testing in place. The best practice is that no more than two versions of any ad should run at the same time per ad group and only a single line at a time should be tested. We have started the ad A/B tests with the headlines and once it is determined which version of headline works best, we will start testing the ad copy itself.  These ads should continue to run for approximately 90 days at which time a “winner” will be determined based on the data that has accrued and a new ad A/B test will begin. This is a continual process until we have determined the very best ads for your campaign based on their performance.

Other Testing

We will always be running small tests to improve performance but because some testing on bidding strategies, keywords, ads, ad groups etc. can produce both good or bad results, anytime that we feel that a higher risk test might be needed in order to determine if we can better your campaign performance, we will notify you so that we can collaborate and determine if we should move forward with the test.


The goal of any campaign is to get the best possible results within a set budget while growing and then maintaining a positive ROI. At times it may be determined that a budget is not sufficient, or your campaign could benefit by increasing your budget. Should this ever be the case, we will notify you and we can discuss.


Do not be alarmed if your campaign doesn’t go gangbusters right out of the gate.  There are a lot of things that are happening in the background that are determined by Google’s algorithms and the auction that takes place each time a search is performed.  Some campaigns perform great right away, while other campaigns require adjustments or new strategy testing during the first 30-90 days on average, but what’s most important is that you give it time.

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