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If you’re looking for ways to grab user’s attention with Online Marketing, the next time you’re out driving take a close look at the billboards you pass because they, as in Digital Advertising, have only 8 seconds (or less) to capture your attention and share their message before you’ve sped by and forgotten all about them.  And they, like digital advertisers, have to think of new and creative ways of capturing their target market’s attention in the hopes that they retain what they see – and convert.

Online, it’s in the first FIVE seconds that users decide whether they like your brand, your message and if they might spend money with you – or check out completely.  That’s why it’s so important to either get it exactly right the first time, or expect to do a lot of testing of your ads in order to see what versions perform the best for your business.

If you’d like to really dig deep into the theory behind all of this, there’s a classic copywriting formula called AIDAAttention. Interest. Desire. Action.   It’s an interesting read and you can learn more about that Here, but in the meantime here are a few ways to maximize your Ads messages:

Keep It Simple! – No doubt you have a lot to say about your service or product, but it’s imperative that you keep it simple. (Remember – you’ve only got 8 seconds!) While we could all go on and on about how we can change their lives, people online don’t want to read lengthy reasons why they should choose you – so buckle down, dial in and keep it short and keep it simple.  In addition, it’s estimated that on average when someone is surfing the web, no matter how much schooling they’ve had or what their IQ is, they are at about a 10th grade reading level – mainly just because people skim rather than read.  So adjust your ads accordingly with this in mind.

Have A Call To Action – Call, shop, buy, learn, view, explore, share, like… Tell the user what you would like for them to do, and they will!  It’s also helpful to offer some sort of a promotion in order to take the call to action you’ve suggested.  So give something away, offer a discount, promote free shipping, a free consultation; anything to get them to click and learn more.

Encourage Participation On Social Channels – Any well-rounded marketing plan should include social media.  It’s the “word of mouth” of today.  Whenever possible, include with your call to action thoughtful, and entertaining content that encourages the user to view, like, share and become a fan on social media.

Make It Personal – Highlight what makes you different, appeal to the consumer, solve a problem, provide a solution. Tailor your advertising to appeal to the person, not the demographic. The reason being, is that the more personal you are – the more “real” you are – the more you connect with them – the more people will connect with you.

Keep It Fresh – After a while, users develop what is called “ad blindness”.  They see your ads, over and over and over again, but they don’t SEE your ads.  So it’s important to change things up every once in a while to keep your ads fresh and new.  We recommend changing your ads an average of every 90 days or so – especially if they are image ads.  The exception would be if you have a campaign in which history and data accumulates more slowly (like with lower budgets).  You want to also make sure that you have sufficient data on each ad version for testing purposes (see below).

Test Your Ads – You would always be testing your ads. So for instance, if it’s a text ad start by testing Headline A against Headline B.  Then take the winner and test against Headline C, and so on and so forth.  Once you  determine what headline works best and can move on to the copy itself.  Just be sure to follow the suggestions above when you do. (The same also applies with image ads).

Now that you’ve learned all of the above, are you looking for a great graphic designer or a top-notch copywriter for creating your ads?  Contact us, we’re happy to help!

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